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Are you getting ready to shop for a wedding dress and you are not quite sure where to start? Whether you have some ideas in mind or you are starting from scratch, you can trust in our expert staff at Estelle’s Bridal Suite to help you shop for beautiful bridal dresses in Granite Falls.

There are a few things that you may want to remember as you begin the process of finding the ultimate bridal attire. Because there are so many options to pick from, keeping organized with some helpful tips will be the right way to take all of the stress of out shopping.


If possible, try to put together a budget as you look for bridal dresses. Setting a price point will help you to narrow down the field so that you are not trying on all sorts of bridal dresses that may be well out of your price range. Be sure to take into account when setting your budget that you should factor in any undergarments and the accessories that you will need to complete your look.

Dress Code

Will you be taking any special religious restrictions into consideration as you look for your bridal attire? When you are holding your ceremony in a place of worship that has guidelines, our staff will be glad to help you pick out the most beautiful pieces while making sure that you adhere to any attire recommendations.


There are plenty of fabrics, cuts, and embellishments to pick from as you look for a wedding dress. If there are certain fabrics or silhouettes that will not work for your body style or your theme, we can help you to select the right dresses to try on the fit into your special day. We also have a handy lookbook that you can refer to that will allow you to see a wide variety of styles to help you narrow down some choices.

Let Estelle’s Bridal Suite help you to select the ultimate bridal ensemble. Call us today at (360) 217-7823 to set up a time to talk with our professional staff about your options in bridal dresses in Granite Falls.