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Lake Stevens Couture Bridal Gowns and Tuxedo Rental

Bridal Gowns In Lake Stevens

There are thousands of dress designs and features to choose from, you cannot be expected to know how to select the right dress on your own. This is where our trained staff is available to help you make your dream wedding dress a reality.

Bridal Dresses In Lake Stevens

While the process of trying on dresses can be both physically and emotionally draining in some instances, our professional staff at Estelle’s Bridal Suite is here to make your life easier.

Wedding Dresses In Lake Stevens

Estelle’s Bridal Suite is available to help you with narrowing down all of your choices as you browse our selection of wedding gowns. When you visit us for your salon appointment, be sure to keep an open mind so that we can work on pairing you with the option that suits your frame to flatter and fit just right.

Wedding Dresses And Tuxedos In Lake Stevens

The time of day, the venue itself, and your personal tastes will all come into play as you look for wedding dresses and tuxedos. It is going to be best that you have a professional that can guide you with expert advice so that you settle on the perfect look that speaks to your style and personality.

Tuxedos For Rent In Lake Stevens

We invite you to come by our bridal salon so that you can get a better idea of the tuxedos that we offer and the various fabrics and colors that you have to pick from. It is all about selecting the ultimate cut that will fit and flatter your frame just right.

Tailoring In Lake Stevens

In order to take all of the stress out of your wedding dress tailoring, it is best to think about buying your dress early on. This will leave you plenty of time to work with us for all of your fittings and any tailoring that you may need.

Wedding Dresses Online In Lake Stevens

Estelle’s Bridal Suite is your full-service bridal salon offering all of the assistance that you could ask for when it comes to gown and accessory shopping. We have a vast selection of dresses available to look at through our look book on our website.

Designer Wedding Dresses In Lake Stevens

Do you have a particular designer in mind? At Estelle’s Bridal Suite, you have access to a wealth of top designers to help you find the ultimate wedding dress. If you are unsure of the designer or the style that you are after, we will be happy to show you some options that you can try on to see if any are a good fit.

Designer Wedding Gowns In Lake Stevens

We have a wonderful online look book where you can go to check out a wide variety of styles so that we can then grab some different gowns for you to try on when you come in for your appointment. This is an excellent way for you to get a better idea of some of the styles available and to get a determination of the type of style you are interested in.

Designer Bridal Gowns In Lake Stevens

Are you looking to find a dress by a specific designer yet you have not found exactly what you need? We can work with you to make sure that you have a bridal gown that fits in with your personal style and taste. After all, on your special day, you want to feel amazing and look incredible to leave a lasting impression on your partner and all of your guests.

Designer Bridal Dresses In Lake Stevens

At Estelle’s Bridal Suite, we have all of the expertise and knowledge that you need to make the right decision on a dress that you will love. We will sit down with you during a private consultation to learn all about your personal style and what you picture for your special day.