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Monroe Couture Bridal Gowns and Tuxedo Rental

Bridal Gowns In Monroe

Some brides will have a particular wedding dress in mind since they were a little girl while others like to go with the flow. Try to figure out in advance some of the features that you want to have for your wedding dress and our staff can work with you to find the elements that you need.

Bridal Dresses In Monroe

It is best to start out shopping for your wedding dress as early as possible. There can be a bit of time involved if you are looking to have a custom gown or a dress that you need to special order from a particular designer.

Wedding Dresses In Monroe

No matter what your ideas are or what your needs may be, there are several things that will be involved in your special day. We can work with you to have an incredible experience as you look for dresses, including making sure that we order a dress for you if you are unable to find what you need in our current selection.

Wedding Dresses And Tuxedos In Monroe

Do you have a particular theme in mind or is there a certain style that you need to consider for your religion? Our staff at Estelle’s Bridal Suite have all of the experience necessary to help you settle on the perfect bridal attire selection to fit in with whatever style you are thinking of.

Tuxedos For Rent In Monroe

We can talk with you about your ideas for the ultimate ensemble and make sure that we find the right cut and style to flatter your body style to have you looking sharp. After all, you are going to be in a lot of pictures so you want to look your absolute best.

Tailoring In Monroe

When it comes to a fitting, you can expect that you will spend about an hour for the initial appointment. From there, each subsequent fitting will take less time because the dress is closer to being finished and just the perfect fit.

Wedding Dresses Online In Monroe

Are you not sure about the particular style or designer that you want for your bridal gown? We have options from the top designers in the field today, which will give you a wealth of stunning dresses to choose from.

Designer Wedding Dresses In Monroe

Do you have a specific designer in mind or have you been simply looking at different styles to see what you like best? We encourage brides to view our online look book to get some ideas that we can then use to hand-pick dresses for you to try on.

Designer Wedding Gowns In Monroe

When you book a private appointment at our bridal salon, you will have complete access to our selection of gowns as well as our insider knowledge and expertise. We have worked with countless brides to help them make a wedding gown selection and we work with all of the top designers in the industry today.

Designer Bridal Gowns In Monroe

When shopping for a wedding dress, your initial thought may be that a designer gown will be well outside of your budget. What you should know is that we work with countless designers at the top of their game but we also work to make sure that we bring affordable dresses to our customers.

Designer Bridal Dresses In Monroe

When working with a professional bridal salon, you will have all of the advice and assistance that you need to select the ultimate bridal ensemble. Whether you are looking for a designer that creates sleek sheath dresses or you want to have a statement piece of a ball gown, Estelle’s Bridal Suite is here to help.