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There is a lot more that goes into picking out a wedding dress than thinking about the materials and design. It is important that you think about all of the work that goes into getting the right fit. After all, your wedding dress should not only look good but you also need it to be comfortable on your big day. Working with us at Estelle’s Bridal Suite will give you the help you need right down to all of the finer details, including professional tailoring in Edmonds.

You know that you have found the ultimate wedding dress, so what comes next? Unlike a lot of other dresses you will wear throughout your lifetime, the bridal gown is not going to come ready to wear from the moment that it arrives. There will only be a rare occasion where a wedding dress fits perfectly and there are no adjustments that have to be made. Between the time that you purchase your dress and the time that you actually walk down the aisle so that you are able to get that ultimate fit.

Prior to your fittings with us, we suggest that you buy your bridal shoes as well as the undergarments that you are planning on wearing. Both of these things will help you to have a better idea of how the dress will fit when you walk down the aisle. At the same time, we can help you with any of the accessories that you are planning on wearing and using to see if they are going to be a good fit for the overall look.

Make an appointment with us today and we can help you with your wedding dress selection as well as tailoring for you and the entire bridal party.

If you are in need of custom tailoring in Edmonds for your wedding or special event, Estelle’s Bridal Suite can help. Call (360) 217-7823 today to set up a time for a consultation.