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Do you know how to pick out the right tuxedo for your special event? If not, you are not alone and our staff at Estelle’s Bridal Suite can help. When you are looking for tuxedos for rent in Edmonds, we can get you in for an appointment so that we can go over all of your wants and needs in brilliant men’s formal wear.

If you are not familiar with formal wear, it is only natural that you will not know where to begin when looking for a tuxedo for rent. There are generally three different styles or cuts that you will find when looking for a tuxedo for your special event.

The classic is a full cut that has been the mainstay of weddings and formal events for years. Then you have the modern style, which is an update on the classic cut. This is a trimmer style that fits a wide variety of body styles without feeling restrictive or looking boxy. Finally, there is the slim tuxedo cut that comes in a trimmer style for a fitted look and feel. This is a great option either for a thinner guy or someone that likes to have a look that is a bit more tailored.

Once we set up an appointment for you to come into our bridal salon, we will take accurate measurements to ensure we find the right fit for your body style and height. We work with Jim’s Formal Wear to help you pick out the ultimate ensemble so that you have the exact outfit that you need for your wedding, prom, homecoming or whatever special event that you have coming up.

Estelle’s Bridal Suite can help you select the perfect tux for your wedding, prom or any special event. Call us today (360) 217-7823 for information on tuxedos for rent in Edmonds.